The other side of the crescendo

Three more weeks

Its starting to sink in that I am reaching the crescendo of my 25 years with the County.

I had to laugh at hubby today. I asked him, “aren’t you excited?!” He said, “for the last five years all I been hearing is ‘I have five more years, three more years, 1 more year, two more months…’ I’m used to it!”

I hadn’t realized how long I have been ready to move on. Given that, why is it so hard? I’ve went through all the emotions. I had a melt down of uncertainty at the beginning. Forced my “you’re  not going to miss me” emotions back in check last month. Now I’m letting the excitement of anticipation have its way. I just hope that on my last day the final emotion of sadness doesn’t get the best of me.

I’ve  began training my replacement. I’m hopeful for her. I held my last Safety Meeting with the crew yesterday. I’ve moved most of my stuff out of the office. Changed it around the way the new supervisor wanted it. All that’s left for me is to remove my pictures, mini frig and water cooler.

The tides of change are upon me and im up for the challenge. I’m ok with not waiting until I reached the top of the new pay scale. Excited about saving a crew members position. Relieved that they hired within for my replacement. It’s all worth it.

Just three more weeks. I’m anxious to get to the other side of it!



4 responses to “The other side of the crescendo

  1. Wow, what a lovely story and stage of life to have reached! Why wait three more weeks to step into the newer version of you…begin making small changes today and the bigger changes will fall into place all by themselves! Have fun and please continue to share your new journey!

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