Ceremonies end

A ceremony missed

Today I rise to hold close those who serve, have served, in the military. It’s the first time I B80B9088-B052-4EB4-BA95-B0A63C6F7B0Ehave blogged in 2 weeks or more. In getting today’s word I happen to notice there will be no more daily posts or word press community blogging site. The end of an era, of ceremony. A day of melancholy.

5837459E-F0FE-434D-BD5F-93B9A3C76B13I had an uncle that served in the military, as well as cousins. An uncle in WWII, a cousin in Vietnam. My family, like most families, has a history in all branches of the military. My grandfather attempted to join the navy at 17 years old. His brother successfully joined a few years later.

None of those are with us anymore. My cousin passed a few years ago. A loss felt. Change observed as everyone has moved on.  But I guess that is the reason for the season, is it not? They are not with us to be honored except in memoriam.

Waking to a new day

a new daily word; then going about my day finding resemblance of the word in it; CA85B15E-5B1B-4EB6-AB58-0A1A0B917E6Bunwinding at the end of my day by taking a look at all those who did the same and submitted their blog versions of the daily word, while submitting my own; a ceremony of sorts that has come to an unfortunate end. I will miss it until I find a new avenue to meet and greet other bloggers.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Memorial Day.




One response to “Ceremonies end

  1. What a lovely post and beautiful photos which I’m sure you must treasure. I too will miss the daily prompt but you might like the idea of joining me for “Just One Minute Monday” a recent post explains.


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