Abscence of Prolific

Prolific genie smile on me

Its been several months since I wrote anything. Not exactly prolific. I want to say the blog genie has removed the restraints, but I’m not sure what the problem was. Other than I got very busy, I have nothing. I even stopped volunteering every week. I have been enjoying my new job and retirement.

The new job keeps me busy, but alas I have inadvertently managed to reduce my hours. I had to have surgery on my wrist. It’s not that I want less hours, it’s just something I’m going to have to ride out; nothing but a thing you might say.

I had torn ligaments in my right hand. X-rays showed that my ulnar bone was longer than it was supposed to be. This kept me in pain and having to wear a brace. The ligaments wouldn’t get an opportunity to heal as long as the condition existed.

Surgery: Ulnar bone shortening

An undergo with the knife meant I had to have a piece of bone cut out to shorten the ulnar bone; smooth the ligaments; clean up my carpel tunnel; stitch me up and send me home. And that is exactly what happened. After an hour and five minutes I was on my way to recovering. My doctor was excellent; the surgery team, pre and post op teams were excellent; my husband is excellent. All took outstanding care of me with the exception of my husband who still is.

Becoming aware of my left hand

Being right handed and rendered to the mercy of my left hand, it’s been like rehabilitation. I’m having to learn to do all things left handed. Since I have had to perform tasks that include writing, I still use my right hand for that; as well as small things like helping put my hair in a pony tail and anything else I can use fingers to do.

It takes me twice as long – if not longer – to accomplish anything. Not to mention that by the time I get done I am wore out. Showers are maddening! I try not to get frustrated but it’s a daily challenge.

Enough of that

All that matters now is I’m on the mend, things are going well and I’m already feeling the results from the need for surgery.

Looking forward to summer! Happy spring everyone!


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