Christmas trademark

I just realized

In two months it will be Christmas. My favorite holiday! Which makes me think about what I will putting into my baskets this year. I give a basket of goodies to family and friends. I cannot believe it’s that time again.

One thing I bake has become my Trademark cookie. I got the recipe off Pintrest. It’s an old-fashioned cookie that’s pretty easy to make.  They’re loved by everyone I give baskets to.

What to make

I’ve began my list and started looking at what to make. I usually like to include something hand crafted. Last year I made little Christmas ornaments. This year I just don’t know.

One thing for sure is I will order 11 boxes of rum cherries from Fabiano’s. Another favorite amongst those who receive my baskets. I have to admit, they are the best.

I have to get started on a Christmas card

I hand make those as well. Usually I paint a picture using “Gimp”. Mass print them and mail them out.  I don’t give to receive, only to let those know I’m thinking about them.  This will be the first year of not doing anything for my crew.  That’s kind of sad for me.

So much to do, so little time! Gotta order stamps, buy watercolor paper, ink for printer, envelopes. No, I got envelopes if I stay the same size……


goodnight everybody!!  Peace ✌️


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