Taming Dazy

Looking at our dog Dazy,

I’m starting to realize that she is 11, going on 12 years old. She’s not as active, her mobility isn’t as fluid, and she has a huge fatty tumor hanging off her back leg.  She also 30559454-5F11-48E0-A27F-2364DB5802A0has several smaller ones in various parts of her body. The vet says if they’re not bothering her leave them be, as going under (anesthesia) is hard on dogs.

We literally saved Dazy from being put down. Animal control had her. I was in there working with my crew when I noticed her. She was so scared. She growled at me when I slid bits of food in her cell. But, when I stepped back she came and ate it. Tail tucked between her legs, wagging, and growling at the same time.

I asked about her the next day

They told me she had been there a week longer than they normally keep them. On Monday she was slated to be put down. I needed to let them know, on Monday, if I was
taking her. It was Friday.

I asked if I could bring my husband in over the weekend to meet her. They allowed it but gave me strict instructions not to let her or any of the other animals out of their cells.

The next day I took hubby up to meet her. As with me, she was growling and wagging her tail at the same time. He slid food under the cell door but never backed away. She came and nibbled while he spoke gently to her. He decided to give her a home.

Probably beaten

When I picked her up Monday, they told me people were interested in her but didn’t feel they could trust her. They also felt, with her disposition, she was likely a battered dog. I took her home.EE9BF135-83DA-47D0-821B-AF2B5F7E8704

The following weekend we went up north and took Dazy with us. She liked traveling. She did not like people. One man attempted to pet her at a motel we stayed at, despite my telling him to stay away. Dazy crowded behind me, the guy actually was going to go behind me too. I told him to “stop!”. He finally did.

At home

Dazy played with our other (outside) dogs. When the neighbor kids were outside playing she would sit at the fence row and listen to them. She must have come from a family home. Dazy wasn’t very old, either. Her teeth were still pearly white. Her dew claws had been removed and she was small. I believe she was adult size but not the typical size for her breed.  The vet thought she was a mix breed due to her size. I don’t think so because you wouldn’t take the dew claws off a mixed breed, would you? The vet also guessed her at three years old. But I think she was younger.

We all got along well and she has only challenged me three times in the eleven years we’ve had her. At the risk of getting dog bit, I still showed her I was the “alpha” in our relationship and to tame her shit. She still has a little attitude.

Now she’s aging

Dazy is a crazy, smart, loving lab who marches to her own drummer for whatever reason. We have spoiled her and tried to make up for whatever bad start she got in life. She and the other one rarely share the same bed anymore.

We’ve never regretted giving Dazy a good home. Someone sure missed out on all she had to offer!


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