I lost interest

I lost interest in Tom Petty

Tom Petty died last night at the age of 66. I lost interest in his music with the last released album. There were a couple of catchy tunes on it for me, but largely pales in comparison to his previous work.

That said, I love Tom Petty’s music. From the moment he came on seen, his music put a smile on my face, beginning with “Brakedown” while in high school. It wasn’t a song to dance to, but it was one for easy listening. Petty had such a unique voice.

Then came “Here comes my girl”, “Don’t do me like that”, and “Refugee”, all good tunes. I believe I bought the album that all those songs were on.

But when he became a Wilbury

I moved to Texas in 1982, it didn’t seem long after that Tom Petty joined “The Traveling Wilbury’s”. His, and their, music exploded for me. I purchased everything they recorded.

Tom Petty went solo & my love for his music continued.

Shortly after hubby and I began our relationship, Petty came out with “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. It was one of my husbands favorite songs at the time. There was a line where Petty sang “she’s standing in her underwear”. My husband would sing along to that line every time, as well as other parts of the song.

I love hearing my husband sing, even though he doesn’t do it much. For that, I will always be grateful to Tom Petty.

Rest In Peace Tom Petty


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