Meme popular

I created my first meme today. It was the easiest thing! I downloaded Mematic. After that it was a matter of uploading a picture and trying to think of something witty or popular, to make it go viral. Could it be possible?!

You know, it would almost be like winning the lottery! But I will not hold my breath with this one as I could not think of anything witty to put with such a picture. That is V.V. The cat. She has a date to get spade on October 13. Her brother Smokey will be getting neutered this week.

Moving on

Tonight I watched the beginning of a new season of Poldark. It’s based on a novel by Winston Graham, written in the ’70s.

It’s a PBS series. Tonight was the season premier. For two hours I was all about Poldark. The drama series is about a rebel gentleman back in the 1700’s Europe. Ross Poldark is on the side of the common people and there-by shunned by a lot of the elite. His nemesis is George Warleggon.

It doesn’t help Ross Poldark status in society that he married his scullery maid after a night of passion. This, after he found out the woman he wanted to marry was engaged to his cousin, when he came back from the war.

I’ve watched two previous seasons

and was looking forward to this one. The cinematography of this series is outstanding! The actors have great screen presence,  not to mention they’re easy to look at. I love the story line and the period it is set in. The costumes are gorgeous, elegance in motion.

I hate to reveal too much about it so that there are no spoilers. If you have an opportunity to watch, I recommend it.


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