What is my focus for today?

It is the final day of a record setting heat wave. I am happy about that. I’m not my best when it’s 90+ degrees. I would rather be cold than hot. Non-the-less, the air conditioning works well in the building my office is in. Rather, my office used to be in. I’m trying to keep the focus on my last days.

Yesterday I made an appointment to meet with a sales representative that I have worked with over the years. About a week ago I had sent an email to all the reps, letting them know I was retiring and introducing my successor. As a result I made the appointment to meet with the rep today.

what a surprise

In speaking with this man he offered me an opportunity to work at his place of employment. It’s a family owned business, including him. He said they needed supervisors to oversee the cleaning of their crews. I asked if I could be part-time, he said that sounded even better.

The description of the job, as it sounded today, is to drive from job to job inspecting the areas and submitting check off sheets of the cleaning I find.  He mad it sound like something right up my alley. I told him I will be getting ahold of him in a couple of weeks. I have two weeks worth of appointments I have to tend to first. Opportunity knocks in places you don’t expect.

I’ve started shopping around for my lap top. I was focused on getting a MacBook Pro. The price of those are so high, it’s a shocker. Even though the salesperson said it would be ten years before outgrowing it. I enjoy the security of the Apple OS. I rarely ever see pop-ups, have never been hacked and hubby found it a lot easier to navigate than windows. I really don’t like the new windows interface, either.

A fellow blogger recommended I check out the HP Scepter. I am going to check it out as well as other pricing on the MacBook Pro. I may have to buy used if I go the later. I’m kind of scared about buying used computers. Does anyone have any thought on it?

cement floor

Hubby told me they are getting closer to pouring the cement floor in the pole barn. Soon I will know how much money I have to work with. Still waiting on the pond guy as well. I’m so impatient! Seems like everything is on hold. Another day…

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  1. I also wanted a MacBook Pro, but settled on a DELL XPS instead. It is a powerful computer, with ultra 4k resolution on the screen.. It does all the MacBook Pro does and more, and it’s $1000-00 cheaper. The only compromise for you it would seem, is that it’s OS is Windows, but I love it. Personal choice I guess. YES! Avoid the second hand option unless you know the seller. Good luck, Cheers Nicole

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