I’m still here

I made it!

It was quite a night. I had a smile on my face that lasted the rest of the night, until I went to bed. That I didn’t expect. I’m sorry, I am referring to the board meeting that was last night. I was asked to attend, along with eight others who are retiring, to be honored with a resolution.

I was second to be called to the podium. My nerves were shot! The room was packed. There were three cameras. Because of the finalizing of the budget, there were two TV station cameras in the room as well as a camera that records the meeting.

Shaking to my core, I managed to get out of my seat and make it to the podium without mishap. I thought I handed hubby my phone but must have thrown it on the floor, he found it there later. It felt like an eternity while the chairman read through the resolution. I had a frozen smile and tried to avoid looking at all those people looking back at me.

I sat down

Making my way back to my chair, I barely noticed my boss making his way to the podium. I heard his voice announcing who he was, as well as those behind me and at the podium telling me to go back up there. I caved my face in my husbands shoulder. It took a mighty force to get me back up there, God.

Again, without mishap, I made my way to the podium. My boss gave a nice speech on my contributions to the County as well as Physical Plant. I was so focused on keeping vertical that some of the words did not register. I heard them, I just couldn’t hang onto them. I fought back emotional tears by looking at the ceiling, anywhere else would have brought them running down my face. I told our secretary that it would be my luck they used that footage on the news that night. Making it seem like I was rolling my eyes and bored with the recognition.

Beautiful flowers03E52AC4-6C89-4FD0-A28D-E99485707501

My boss handed me beautiful flowers, we hugged and the board chairman shook my hand again. The audience clapped a second time as both my boss and I made our way back to our seats. When I sat down, I showed my husband my trembling hand. It was shaking so bad I could not hang onto the flowers. I had them wedged in the crook of my elbow.

The sharing of well wishes

The board moved on, conducting their other business. My crew, our secretary, my husband and myself made our way out through a side door. We talked and laughed about how nervous I was and the incredible approbation by my boss, who stayed in the meeting to hear about the budget.

I connected with some of the other retirees, sharing hugs and well wishes. Some were happy, some were not, as their jobs were cut. I felt compassion for the sad ones as they were retiring without the luxury of benefits. I had fulfilled my obligation but will likely have to put up a fight to keep my insurance, just to lose it anyway in a few years. But I’m not going to worry. All will work out.

So, as I wrote yesterday, here I sit on the other side of the event, having smiled all night over the love and appreciation I felt from all those in attendance. Even though I wished I would not have attended, I’m glad I did. My husband was surprised at the fanfare. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but honestly, it surprised me too.

I’ve reached the end of that chapter and now will be starting a new one.




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    • Thank you for the ping backs. I always appreciate. I thouroughly enjoyed your interview. I would like to be better at editing what I write. I love her advice to keep writing and not to worry about the editing until later!


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