Tentatively all over

at work

The Daily Word Post for today again seems to align itself with my world right now. I am tentatively still at my job for ten more days. I am actually feeling a sense of loss. I guess it’s not unusual since I have been at my job for the last 25 years. I’m happy to be turning the managerial rains over to an experienced young woman, who is tentatively flying by the seat of her pants right now.

Today I was looking online to help the successor get ready for a safety meeting. Somehow, don’t ask me how, I come across an article about how spouses knew the minute they saw their potential spouse that they were the one they were going to marry.

At home

When my husband called at lunch I asked him when he knew he loved me or when he wanted to marry me. He said “I don’t know”. I commented I should have known better than to ask a manly man such as he a romantic question such as that! He began laughing and said, “Really? Can you tell me the first time you knew?” I said, “which one?”

Now he’s really laughing. I’m trying to get annoyed, asking him what’s so funny?! He says, “you’ve asked me that question no less than a hundred times!” I told him, “yes, and still you can’t give me an answer!” All I hear is more laughing, even a bit uncontrolled over the phone.


By this time I cannot keep from giggling at his laughing and repeating “that’s funny shit, right there!” He told me he loved me and had to go back to work. After hanging up with him I started laughing. Who goes from safety research to spousal romantics?

I started out tentatively hoping for a good job and a good man. Twenty years later it happened. I had to weather through obstacles with both of them but I endured the turbulence to get to the other side of wonderful, I might add as a much better person.

And it’s really just the beginning

I consider my life a life well lived, that has a long way to go. And I know that no matter what comes my way in eleven days, I’m going to be okay. My husband, who is the cutest, said so, and I’ve got THE biggest, most powerful, rooting section with me daily.


3 responses to “Tentatively all over

  1. It must be amazing to have the chance of a new beginning but with the security & comfort of life experience…I’m looking forward to hearing about what you change. What takes priority? Do your values change? Enjoy the final countdown!!

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