An easy post

Today’s word is easy for me.

I would say it pertains to my current status in life, if I were to sum it up in one word. Why do I feel my life is glorious?

  • Foremost because I have faith and am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Because of that,
    • I was able to endure every struggle in my life and came out on the other side smarter, stronger, resilient to the attacks, able to forgive, and always thankful.
    • I’ve weathered life and was able to secure a good job that lasted, enabling me to retire with a pension at the ripe age of 55.
    • I married a good man. The second solid foundation in my life.
    • I haven’t been able to acquire everything I wanted in life, but I have had everything I needed. Including blessings along the way.
    • I’ve enjoyed good health and plan to enjoy it further in retirement.
    • I seldom worry anymore, or feel stressed, anxious, doomed. Largely because I believe the Bible in not worrying, for I cannot change anything. And there is a smarter, higher power, than me in control, who is love and causes no harm.
  • Being saved by grace, I know there is more to be gained that I cannot humanly comprehend but will enjoy for eternity.

My easy post on “glorious”.

Happy Monday everyone! Eleven more days before retirement freedom!😀😁


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