Things that are…

I love the daily word post

I say this because it seems like every time it’s a word that pertains to my life. Just like today’s word, peculiar.

I was looking at the blog page on my main Life Retired site. I posted yesterday’s daily word there. I did not find my word post but I found another post that had several pictures from my gallery in it and the title was “our little v. v.”. The one I wrote was nowhere to be found.

After a bit of searching I found the blog I wrote in the “scheduled” section. I didn’t put it there, but hey. I also did not create a “our little v. v.” blog of pictures.

How does this happen?

That is not the first peculiar thing to happen. But what I’m curious about is how does it happen. I’ve experienced:

  • The format of my blog has changed on its own.
  • I have posted a blog only to find it disappeared, gone, no trace.
  • I have had an extra “w” appear in my blog address, so that when those that wanted to go to my website clicked on the link, they were directed to a cannot find error page. It took weeks to discover and find/fix the problem. (With no help from the help center I might add).

It’s likely not the most curious thing to happen, I’m sure. It’s probably not going to be the only thing to occur.

I reckon it to be an anomaly and very peculiar.




4 responses to “Things that are…

  1. YES sometimes I’ve found odd changes on my website, or even in the notifications that I get. Customer service is very nice at helping out, if you want to contact them. ❤

    I love, love, love the quote on this blog. It is really lovely to meet you – thanks for liking my recent Forgiving Fridays post. I'll check out your main blog now. Happy Sunday and blessings,

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