Mission accomplished

Final meeting with my crew

Today I will be holding the monthly safety meeting with my crew for the last time. With only three more weeks to go,there is much anticipation with them. The passing of the torch to one of their coworkers to be the new supervisor, the changes that come with being cut a person. I started out with seven people. Now there will be only four and the supervisor.

One of the crew sent me email last night that she was worried about the changes. I attempted to reassure her that they may not be as bad as she thinks. I know they all have a measure of concern. They’ve all voiced it to me. I wish I could ease their minds.

I set out to accomplish a goal

My original retirement date was to be in 2019. A wage study was performed and pay increases came across the board to county employees. The down side was they were measured out in steps. I would have reached my highest earning potential next year. Then I planned to work a year more to realize the increase on my pension.

All the while I prayed for God to let me know when it was time.

Then the cuts came. Because of new legislation at the state level, local governments were left with a shortfall of funds. In order to balance the budget for 2017/18 cuts had to be made. Since our department is not mandated, they always look to us as one who can sacrifice positions. They cut an employee from my crew. I spoke to my boss that I was retiring in hopes of not losing a person from my crew. I would retire before the new budget year, October 1st. My hope was that they would take my position by attrition and save the lowest seniority persons job. My boss did not want to lose the supervisors position and would hire off the street if I need be.

A compromise

My boss asked me to stay past my original retirement date of August 11th. I conceded to stay until September 29th. The chore of getting a replacement for my position began. He was not enamored with the choices. Those who he highly considered were not interested in the position. I asked if I could work with the two applicants getting them ready for the interview. He gave his ok.

I worked with them both until one decided to go on her own. I wished her good luck. She said she was ready. The other worked with me right up until the very day. I was as nervous as they. In order for my plan to work, one of them had to make it through the interview process, there-by getting hired as the new supervisor. Tick tock, tick tock….

The final decision

My boss told me he was pleasantly surprised with both applicants and asked for my final input. I gave him honest argument – pro and con – on both applicants. He said he was pretty sure who he was leaning towards but had to think about it. So began the anticipation for all of us on my crew.

In two days he made the announcement that he was going to hire from within and the new supervisor was the gal that I had been working with right up until the interview.  The other girl was not to disappointed as she was only trying to save her job. She was the one who would be cut, so she went for the position. I was so relieved that she would not be leaving.

Cross training

Now the focus will be on a more pleasant task, training the new boss. I’m striving for her being different from the old boss. My legacy leaves with me. Mission accomplished!



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