Our treatment of others is critical

Human connection


That’s one thing I liked about the Beatles. They sang some songs from scripture and were mostly about loving your fellow man. Just as they sang “love is all you need”, I find it’s critical in our treatment of one another. At the risk of sounding like my grandparents, of which I could be if I had children, kids today are to critical. There is no love in their actions. The diverse freedom of ideas and collective thinking of political correctness by parents/adults has resulted in the reckless actions of our youth. The tools of compassion, love and kindness have been removed.


You may not agree, but one only need look at the evidence:


  • Every day there are reports of several different automobile accidents, 99% of them involve those 40 and under. I attribute this to our allowing the schools and government to remove drivers ed from the school curriculum. As a result, these outsourced trainers have no accountability for the staggering amounts parents pay to have their children become licensed drivers. The kids suffer.
  • Suicide amongst young people has increased to be the second leading cause of death for ages 10 through 24, according to The Jason Foundation. This is directly resulting from the peer pressure in schools. The bullying. The striving to be favored amongst a chosen group. I believe this can also be attributed to making compensation for acts of laziness, rudeness and all out incompetence as human beings. By not exampling corrective criticism we robbed our kids of the tools they would need to rationalize and combat this in their lives! Second to that, it created more abusers of humanity.
  • Most of those forty and under have not been given the ability to account for wrong and right, again, due to our striving to be politically correct and sympathetic to a fault. One only need look to the work place and the news for proof of this. Employers are having a hard time hiring these young people. Green Rush Daily reports that young adults attempting to join the work force can’t pass the drug test. Without the drug test employers have safety and insurance issues. If young applicants get past the drug screen they largely have no work ethic. I’ll use a recent situation at my job as an example. A woman, unhappy about the restrooms being cleaned at a time she was accustomed to using them, stole the wet floor sign left for safety and hid it in a fellow workers cubicle. In that one senseless act she violated several common rules of the workplace:
  1. Compromising the safety of others

  2. Stealing

  3. Disrupting the work of other employees

  4. Harassing the custodial employees

I’m sure there’s more. In her letter of apology she stated it was meant as a “joke” to fellow employees in her department. If you need more proof, the news is exploding with adolescent behavior.



I promised myself

You know, when I thought about and planned on writing a blog, I promised myself that I would keep it positive. Add that to the fact that I have no children, and I just need to shut the fuck up! So, ending on a positive note. I had my hair cut at the Douglas J Salon near me. It’s a school with Aveda products and principals. When the gal met me, she introduced the other gal that was “shadowing” her for the day. As the primary gal went on about her task of washing, drying and cutting my hair, I began to see my oldest sister in her looks, attitude, demeanor. The whole time I was in the chair thoughts of my sister were running crazy in my head. Some I shared, some I didn’t.


I love my oldest sister, sadly she was left in a coma from a car accident around the late 80’s on Mother’s Day. She stayed that way for 30 years until her organs began shutting down. We buried her in a quiet ceremony with just those closest to her. She was a flat out hoot to be with and party with. One of the fondest of memories, and there are many, was being fresh out of high school. I had made friends with a gal, who didn’t want to be my friend anymore when she started dating her guy. They later married. Anyway, I told my sister that she was a pain in the ass to me every time I seen her. My sisters says “come on, let’s just see what happens”. She felt that I had to face my demons or I would run in the face of adversity.


Off we went, cruising around and sure enough we ran into the ornery girl in the park! My sister and I walked up to her and she began her usual bashing of me. I asked why she had this sudden turn around. She stated “if I wasn’t a lady I would kick your ass!” My sister promptly snorted, “your no lady, I can smell you from here!” The ornery gal shut her trap and didn’t pursue me after that. I learned to fight my own battles because I was not going to have my sister bailing me out every time I got into a jam!


Have a great Friday everyone!


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