Enamored with words

I have enjoyed the Daily Posts. The words broaden my horizon, so to speak. The other bloggers have such creativity, forms of expression and passion. I’m enamored with it all. The rhyme of love and vigor, brokenness and pain, unfurled with pictures and words.

Oh how I wish I had the magnetic ability of those paying homage to their craft. To dignify my thoughts with the beauty and grace; synchronized with those who possess such a talent. If I could inhabit that visceral space in my mind and ooze the thoughts onto paper, only for a few minutes!

But, instead I lurch into writing, in a trance of uncontrolled thoughts, attempting to recite my feelings. I have not a solitary idea of where to go, what to say. I just need to capture one grainy picture, one willy-nilly thought! Sometimes I prickle at the challenge.

Then I organize one thought, and in a jiffy the words spill out. Mind you, not with the delivery of the more talented writers, or on a carousel of glaring vision or spicy memories. I amble through the adjectives, verbs and nouns, to somehow create a symphony of sentences that shimmer with my one true thought.

When I am finished, and look back, it seems so casual. My one foggy thought partnered with the seasoned musings of other bloggers. I feel proud to be on the same page as them. Full of compassion for their struggles, love for their hearts, support for the trials. Thank you all for welcoming me into your worlds and for becoming a part of mine.

I’m not even going to try toothbrush 😜😊

11 responses to “Enamored with words

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