Rhyming kittens

We inherited three malnourished kittens when the sick mother went off and died.  All our cats are feral. But these little buggers came right out to my husband crying in hunger. There is a grey and white one….

35ef8e48-4487-4d35-bb16-74a5fe8a77cc.jpgWe have no name for her yet.

Then we have a black male, “Smokey”, who rhymes with his black sister “Lil K”.

454265B8-CDE1-40F2-B5C4-2963FD09A69FSmokey is on the left, Lil’ K on the right.

They are the cutest things. It’s the first time we have had a male survive. We usually only see females.

They are all getting fixed in October. I’ll be retired then and more able to deal with three under the weather kittens.

I believe them to be about eight weeks old. When the mother went off, they all had their baby teeth. That was four weeks ago. Now they are chewing on everything.

Lil K  gave me a scare yesterday. She’s the runt of the litter and for some reason would not eat. We feed them canned food mixed with a little kitten kibble. I brought her inside to entice her further but she wasn’t having it. Desperate, I fixed a bottle of cat milk replacement and force-fed her a little of that. I made a 2:30 pm appointment with the vet.

As I was getting around I stuck the little thing outside until I was ready to grab her and go. To my surprise she went over to the food dish and buried her head in it. Thank God!

I’m not a cat person, I’m a dog person, but I can’t stand by and do nothing when an animal is in distress. I try to do the most humane thing.

These kittens have captured our hearts. Hubby and I agreed to make garage and barn cats out of them to keep the mice at bay. The battle is half won, they’re tame!



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  1. I got the best advice ever from an online gamer once and no vet seems to be aware. Pumpkin puree, for dogs or cats. Do not get pie filling cause it’s spicy. Sometimes I find something including pumpkin in pet foods. Other times I get pumpkin-carrot-squash blend in toddler foods. But whenever dog or cat is puking or other end yucking, about a teaspoon will have them dancing again. They love the smell and taste, so it’s easy to give.

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