Magnetic attraction

Eclipse or no



In looking at a few pictures of the solar eclipse, I noticed a blemish. It seemed magnetic. As I looked closer to several other pictures, the blemish was in them as well. After exploding the blemish, to get a better look, it appeared to be showing me the moons location in front of the sun.



The pictures show only a bright sun amongst tress and clouds, but the blemish seems to tell the story. I suppose it could be an anomaly; I took 40+ pictures that day, at different intervals of the eclipse. In every picture with a clear shot of the sun that blemish is there. Not only that it seems to follow the path of the eclipse.


Whats the big deal



While watching the eclipse on TV they had all sorts of commentary. One was a question/answer type segment, someone was curious if the eclipse would damage their phone. The reporter used her iPhone to take a picture and showed how the phone was not harmed. Nothing was said about a blemish.

I look at these types of things as omens. The magnetic attraction between us and the creator. Maybe its his communication style with us, if we’re paying attention. It doesn’t always have a message, necessarily, but maybe just a meaning that only the one its directed to can decode.

God has a sense of humor

What I make of it is God’s sense of humor. I didn’t get solar glasses to watch the episode that day and was kind of bummed. But lo and behold I captured it on my iPhone, not knowing the exact time it would occur in my location. The blemish proves I guessed right, in my opinion. Then, God, letting me know he had a hand in the event, placed a cloud at the end that looks like the Simpson cartoon character (or a person sitting) in front of the sun.


In my life, that’s proof God exists! Not only that, it says he has a jovial sense about him. I’ve had many occasions such as this one in my life. Each time I thank God that I am able to recognize him and his saving grace.





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