Homage through battle

McGregor pays homage to Mayweather

I did not see the fight. My husband went to a friend’s house who had it on pay per view and invited several friends over. I got the low down from him.

Hubby’s thoughts were that McGregor did a nice job battling a seasoned boxer. Mayweather was in trouble the first four rounds, but that McGregor got tired by the 9th and 10th rounds. Hubby also told me that Mayweather kept turning his back on McGregor and getting hit in the back of the head, then would cry about the fouled punch.

I wasnt there

I don’t know what it is about such things, but when I watch boxing or MMA a whole different person surfaces. I get right into it and vocal, too! Pretty soon I’m yelling orders to one (or both) of the opponents, throwing my hands in the air, telling off ref’s. Hubby just says, “it’s different when you’re in the ring”.

There are those that say it’s a barbaric sport, especially MMA. It is a sport that is not for the timid, it’s also a sport that shows great heart of the fighter. I never understood how two people could get into the ring and fight like they were the worst of enemies but be the best of friends.

The “Ultimate Fighter” bout

Forrest Griffin vs. Stephen Bonnar. I’m my opinion it is the best MMA bout that I have seen, I believe it’s been named one of the best all time fights. The two guys were fighting for a six figure contract. Both entered the octagon and fought every second of the three rounds, sometimes toe to toe! The heart of those two men was indescribable.

At the end of the fight, Forrest Griffin championed Stephen Bonnar in a unanimous 29-28 vote. BUT, both received the six figure contract deal from Dana White.

Next to figure skating

I have to say octagon wrestling is my favorite sport, after figure skating. Nothing could be farther apart from each other, I know. The skill and grace that goes along with figure skating can’t be beat – in my world. It’s the floating across the ice in ballerina moves, leaving the impression of an ice princess.

While wrestling is way more manly, I believe it could be reasonably stated that both crafts require a lot of the same components. Thus, you will not find a wrestler on skates or a figure skater in the octagon.

Or would you

Enter Tonya Harding. A figure skater with a tumultuous past. She attempted to take a fellow figure skater out by hiring someone to whack her knees. That pretty much ended her figure skating career. She went on to expose herself in porn (pun intended) and ended up in the wrestling circuit. She actually fought in amateur boxing matches. Once, she won a bought because her opponent did not realize there would be smacking around and walked out of the ring.

Ms. Harding went on to fight other bouts but lost the real fights. She made shambles out of her life by one mis-deed. After that, everything she touched withered and died. Now she is married with a son. Who knows, her son may end up a MMA champion. It’s kind of on the same principle as naming a boy “Sue”.



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