Lurch much?

I’ve been in a self inflicted lurch

One of my fondest memories of my oldest sister, and there are a few, was when she and I went to a bar one night while I was up from Texas. My husbands cousin (we were not together at the time) was flirting with my sister at the bar we ended up at. As the drinks were drank, she was not welcoming his advances. My husbands cousin started pissing my sister off.

Knowing my sisters potential, I tried to get the guy to back off, but he kept on to the point I figured he would get what he deserved. Closing time came and we all decided to leave. My husband’s cousin had bought a case to go. My sister and I were in her Volkswagen leaving when my husbands cousin decided to walk in front of her car.

There was a chain link fence surrounding the property across the street from the bar. We had pulled in and parked facing that chain link fence. My sister had already started the car and attempted to back out when she caught sight of the guy in front of her Volkswagen. I just knew. She put the car in first gear and gunned it. My husbands cousin threw the beer and lurched out of the way, he was narrowly missed as we sprung back from the chain link fence.

My sister wanted to try and finish the job when I took her keys out of the ignition. We ended up in the street with me on top of her. She was crying asking for her keys back. When I gave them to her, she left me.

My mom had tried to get me not to go that night because of my sisters volatile state. It was a hard phone call to make, asking my mother to come 35-40 miles to pick me up at 2:30 a.m. that night. She did, and never said “I told you so”.

subjected to a lurch

I had a friend, when we were in high school we discovered cruising. We would go to a near by town and cruise the streets, meeting people, having fun. I had just started dating a guy who gave me solid information on the intentions of some guys.

He told me if a guy says he wants to “take u home and play cards”, that is not what is really on his mind. Unbelievably I experienced it a short time later. While cruising, my girlfriend made a connection with two boys. I was not keen on getting into their vehicle, because I had just started dating someone. She was insistent so I gave in.

While riding around they spoke of their grandparents being gone on vacation and that we could go to their house and (you guessed it!) “play cards”. I protested, saying we needed to get back. Being a rider, I was out voted. When we got there my friend and her guy went into the kitchen and never came back. The guy left with me met the biggest resistance of his life.

After a long period of making the guy run back and forth to the kitchen telling them I wanted to leave, they finally surfaced and we left. Everyone was angry. Even if I hadn’t received prior knowledge, I was a good girl! My friend took advantage of my good nature that night and left me in a lurch.

I have lurched

The same guy I was dating above, gave me another solid bit of advice. He told me that if anyone ever attempted to have an altercation with me while I was in a vehicle to crack the door before they got there. That way I could slam them with it and get out of the vehicle.

Low and behold, the same girlfriend had made a few enemies amongst the women folk in the town we cruised. They were yelling profanity at us when we drove by, flipping us off, following us, trying to intimidate us. My friend acted as though she had no idea what the problem was until one night we were in a park frequented by cruising vehicles. The other girls came from the opposite direction and blocked our path.

Figuring on trouble, remembering the advice of my boyfriend, I opened the door but made it look shut. The car load of girls surrounded our vehicle, mostly on my friends side, and began ripping her up. Evidently she had screwed one of their boyfriends.

I was surprised. I thought it was my fault. I thought my recent nasty break-up with a guy got his buddies girlfriends on my case. But no, it was all about my friend! After getting over the shock of it all, I happened to look at the girl standing beside my door. The girl said “Bitch”, so I shoved that unlatched door open and lurched as if I was jumping out. All the offending girls took off and I don’t recall them ever bothering us again. I guess they got it out of their system.

I’ve watched lurch, “You rang?”

What a great show! Always a favorite for after school!


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