Why yes, prickle

Gauging the prickle.

I make a sincere attempt not to be political in my post, however, today’s word seems to bring out the political in most. Especially in hind site of the hurt aftermath of destruction in VA. From my small spot on earth the prickle to me is:

  • Judging someone by their color, heritage, beliefs, sex, sexual preference, height, weight, age, that’s racism!
  • Reverse racism!
  • living a lie. (I.e. Drawing disability when you are able to earn an income)!
  • exploiting kids, either for political gain or to keep from working!
  • disrespecting our founding principal unto rivalry amongst our young people!
  • failing to find the good in our leader and support that, rather than tear him down for a job we would not do ourselves. Regardless of color, heritage, beliefs, sexual preference, height, weight, age!
  • Looking the other way when animals and children are wrongly cared for and/or abused!
  • destruction of our planet whether to prove a point or to satisfy corporate greed!
  • Those who have the speed and thought to march but will not lift a finger in the hard work of change. (Get on the school board, board of commissioners, township…)
  • Young people who can’t rationalize the differences of opinion!
  • Old people who forget what it was like to be young!
  • Those that make excuses rather than suggestions.
  • Those that believe it’s more important to use their phone to capture an atrocity than to call for help!

I could go on, but if I haven’t lost you by now, let me just say that I believe in the one true religion that promotes peace unto everyone, extends grace unto everyone for the asking and believing, knows no color or social status, believes in grace, love and a lending a helping hand to anyone and everyone.

Right and wrong is not rocket science. The message we send to those we bring into this world, into our social affairs, how we conduct our lives, all has an impact leading to and contributing to the good and bad of our world.

Black and white is not grey, it’s BLACK and WHITE. Right and wrong is not open to interpretation, it’s RIGHT and WRONG.

Walk the talk


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