Saturday morning

Come Saturday morning

A song by The Sandpipers. First thing that I thought of, after “what am I going to do today?” Knowing the answer already didn’t stop me from day dreaming of “Saturday things”, “Saturday smiles”, “Saturday spend..”. I’m going to be helping hubby organize his pole barn.

The “Solar Package” is going to be installed by Greener Energy Co., possibly as soon as next week. Everything will have to be removed from the pole barn to allow access. After that the floor will finally be poured! We’ve been waiting three years to get the money to finish these projects. .

the pole barn will be done

As far as big ticket items go, the pole barn will be off the “to-do list”. Next, in no order of importance, is:

  1. Pond dug
  2. Bathroom remodel
  3. rooms built in pol barn
  4. Basement de-cluttered
  5. House declutterd

And the list goes on to buying a motorhome and all that is entailed with that. The epitome of organizing. Hubby just told me I tell everything!

My whole life

Thats the way it is with me. I don’t have secrets, to hard to keep up with, same as lies. I learned from early on when my grandmother and aunt were talking about me, in my presence. My grandmother said she believed whatever it was I had told her. My aunt commented that I could be lying. My grandmother said, “she’s to young to lie”.

From that moment on, until I got a willow switch across my legs, I went on a lying rampage. That was the corrective action ending my lying spree. I’ve never been one for secrets. Largely due to my family being outspoken about most things. Dirty laundry stays under wraps amongst strangers, but within the family unit? Not so much.

in preparation

I count it all joy. The fondest of memories were the outspoken tales my grandparents told us. Preparing us for life in general. People with false intentions. Friends with loyalty at heart. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

Now im off to prepare for the golden years of my life. Continuing with the hard work laid down 25 years ago when hubby and I decided to make a go of it. Buying my grandparent’s home (my birth place), making all the necessary repairs and modifications.

Got to go, hubby calling

In less than two months I will be retired and on to another adventure. Organizing will be a big part of it, for a short period of time. Beginning with a pole barn today!


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