Casual x 3


We have turned a corner on getting hubbies pole barn figured out. We decided to abandon the in-floor heating. Instead we are going with a reflective product through GreenerEnergyCo. We attended an informational dinner they put on a couple of months ago.

We will insulate the floor and the ceiling and see how it goes this winter. The decision was quite casual compared to others we’ve made when going in debt. However, we won’t actually be going in debt, hubby and I have a nest egg that the floor and ceiling are going to come out of. I just hope there is enough left over to put in the pond.

Moving forward

This is getting us another step closer to our motorhome and a life of casual, leisure travel. The in-floor (radiant) heating won’t save us a ton of money, but it will make the job a lot easier.

Hopefully the floor will be in by the time I retire, and the spaces defined by the end of the year. That way, in the spring, I can start moving my craft area out there. As we begin decluttering and downsizing the house, items will be moved out there as well.

2 years until hubbby retires

By the time my husband retires I hope to have the house ready to rent, our bills all paid off and a motorhome in sight. The plans we’ve made for the golden years of our lives is paying off.

It sounds pretty casual, but it’s been very intentional, getting the big money items out of the way first:

  1. Building the pole barn
  2. House re-roofed
  3. New well
  4. Electric upgraded to 200 amp service.

I hope there is a pond for us to enjoy in the summer months soon. Then the biggest obstacle now will be finding the right renter.

Another day closer to retirement!

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